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4340 Beverly blvd. los angles, ca 90004

Revival Routine has moved to a new and enhanced space.

Offering Therapeutic Massage Therapy,  Infrared Sauna Add-Ons,

& Scientific Self-Care Tools.


Fully Licensed by CAMTC & trusted member of AMTA 

We Provide Manual Manipulation of The Soft Tissues & Wellness

Solutions Designed With Keen Musculoskeletal & Holistic Health Expertise.

Since 2016, we've had the honor of collaborating with renowned leaders and innovators in

integrative psychiatry at The La Maida Project, with those in prenatal care at Gracefull Birthing Center, and with those in child education & behavioral health research at Big Heart Toys. We pride ourselves in our unique ability to design, undeniably effective, Therapeutic Massage Techniques Using Science & Intuition.


An EBP & trauma informed practice

We Uphold a No Tolerance Policy on Inappropriate Behavior or Sexual Harassment.

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