Revival Routine is dedicated to facilitating mindful living and mind-body healing through holistic, client centered massage therapy. We aim to shift the view of massage from an occasional luxury to a consistent preventative care routine. 

It is a goal of Revival Routine to re-shape the way people view, experience, & address pain. We want to perpetuate the view of pain as a useful, necessary & informative alarm system rather than a terrible, torturous enemy We hope to assist our clients in taking control of their wellness by making self-care a habit & a priority.


Holistic Healing integrates body, mind, emotions, & soul in order to find and treat the source of dis-ease. Symptoms created by the body are only in response to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual sources that need healing. With Holistic Healing we veer from treating symptoms & go, instead, to the root of the response.

Let us guide you to making Revival a Routine



Shanee Kiera Buckner | CMT | Health Educator | Certified Massage Therapist | Los Angeles

Shanée Kiera Buckner

CMT & Health Educator

I'm a Los Angeles based massage therapist & health educator. I learned the value of massage therapy first hand after sustaining incurable injuries that traditional Western medicine said could only be managed through excessive medication. After years of excruciating daily back pain & an inability to feel my legs or feet from the knee down, I learned to manage and master my own pain through neuromuscular self-massage techniques. Now I share this healing touch with other sufferers of chronic pain & disease in hopes of helping them regain power over their healing journey through education based understanding & manual manipulation of the soft tissues. To be most effective, I create a unique, eclectic massage experience based on what each individual client needs. I utilize Anatomy, Breath Work, Intuition, & Experiential Wisdom  in conjunction with Western & Eastern Massage Modalities for a truly integrative, therapeutic massage experience.