Revival Routine is dedicated to facilitating mindful living and mind-body healing through holistic, client centered massage therapy. We aim to shift the view of massage from an occasional luxury to a consistent preventative care routine. 

It is a goal of Revival Routine to re-shape the way people view, experience, & address pain. We want to perpetuate the view of pain as a useful, necessary & informative alarm system rather than a terrible, torturous enemy We hope to assist our clients in taking control of their wellness by making self-care a habit & a priority.


Holistic Healing integrates body, mind, emotions, & soul in order to find and treat the source of dis-ease. Symptoms created by the body are only in response to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual sources that need healing. With Holistic Healing we veer from treating symptoms & go, instead, to the root of the response.

Let us guide you to making Revival a Routine




Shanée Kiera Buckner

Shanée is a Los Angeles based massage therapist & health educator. Shanée learned the value of massage therapy first hand after learning to manage and master her own chronic pain through neuromuscular research & self-massage techniques. The experience inspired her to pursue professional training & licensure in neuromuscular massage therapy. 


Since 2016 Shanée has shared this healing touch with other sufferers of chronic pain & disease in hopes of helping them regain power over their healing journey through education based understanding & manual manipulation of the soft tissues.


To be most effective, Shanée creates a unique, eclectic massage experience based on what each individual client needs. Shanée utilizes Anatomy, Breath Work, Intuition, & Experiential Wisdom  in conjunction with Western & Eastern Massage Modalities for a truly integrative, Therapeutic Massage experience.

Licensed Massage Therapist & Health Educator​